Explzn Corp. is a global media commerce company
that manufactures and distributes tinted cosmetics.

Since its foundation in December 2012,

we have started distribute trendy European products in Korea, and is currently growing into a globally trusted media commerce company by operating direct purchase sites such as color cosmetics manufacturing and its beauty brand "SISTER-ANN", fashion mall "NOWINPARIS" and drugstore mall "IEURO."




  • Selected as the Youth-Smart smaller businesses (by Korea Federation of SEMs)

  • Selected as the Excellent enterprise in work innovation (by Ministry of Employment and Labor)​

  • Selected as the Small-Giant Enterprise in Youth-friendly (by Ministry of Employment and Labor)​


  • Certification for Main-Biz company (by Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

  • Certification for Inno-Biz company (by Ministry of SMEs and Startups)


  • Certification for seoul type strong small company. (by Seoul City)

  • Establish for R & D department (by Korea Industrial Technology Association)


  • Certification for company subject to special customs clearance. (by Korea Customs Service)


  • Certification for venture company. (by Small Business Corporation)

  • Establish for Corporate Research Institute (by Korea Industrial Technology Association)


  • Acknowledgment for Manufacturing and sales company (by Food and Drug  Safety Center)

  • Established a corporation company in Europe


  • Established a EXPLZN Corp.


Our Services


Cosmetic manufacturing

To make products that are used to beautify skin and hair to add charm and maintain or promote health.


Foreign direct purchase

Buying goods that are being sold overseas can be purchased directly by the buyer and received through international shipping.


Parallel import

A system in which importers of the same brand can import and sell in Korea.


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